GLY 1103 Lecture 9: Coastal Processes Part 3

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19 Apr 2017
Coastal Processes Part 3
Fish Farming- dilution of native species, monoculture, environmental
damage, behavioral problems
Coral Reefs- dying because of ocean acidification
Drilling and Refining- we have many offshore oil rigs that are
susceptible to damage from hurricanes, susceptibility of coastal refining
mines Ex. Galveston Texas
Eutrophication- caused dead zones, over nutrification of water
Unidirectional Changes- differentiation, evolution, crustal processes
Cyclic Changes-
Sea level, Carbon Cycle (carbon dioxide)
85% of CO2 comes from burning fossil fuels
15% is from deforestation
Paleoclimate- information from ice cores, rock records, tree rings,
plankton (sediment cores), pollen records
Snowball Earth was driven by albedo (reflectivity of Earth)
We emerged from it because reduced vegetation and chemical erosion
Climate Change and legends- Mediterranean Sea crossed Bosporus
Strait into Black Sea, sea level rose 10 cm a day (Noah)
Milankovitch Hypothesis- climate variation due to orbital change
Eccentricity- 100,000 years
Axial Tilt- 41,000 years
Wobble- 23,000 years
find more resources at
find more resources at
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