HIS-1200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: List Of Largest Empires, Price Revolution, Caravel

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11 Jan 2017
Tyler McFadden Unit 1 Part A Lesson 2-Colonization Notes
Spanish Colonies
Portuguese Colonies
Status in Europe at the time of
Global empire with high
influence in European
Ushered modern global
Beginner of European
exploration, starter of
the Age of Discovery
Had prosperous North
African Islamic trade
center named Ceuta
Found gold to slaves in
Africa, spices in India,
and silk near China
Important contributions to
Locating American
continents and natives,
providing writings about
the land
Exploring South America
and Southern North
Establishing first colonies
in North America such as
St. Augustine
Began slave trade in
The lanteen sails of
caravel ships
Exploration of much of
Africa including the Cape
of Good Hope
Trade Routes to India
Discoveries from China
(modern compass, etc.)
Jumpstarting the ‘Age of
Discovered Australia and
New Zealand for Europe
Expanded African slave
Major Explorers
Christoffa Colon
(Christopher Columbus)
Fernando Cortes
Francisco Pizarro
Vasco De Gama, 1498
Bartolomeo Dias, 1487
Admiral Alfonso de
Albuquerque, 1510-11
Prince Henry the
Geographic areas of settlement
in the New World
Latin America; present-
day Florida, California,
Nevada, Oregon,
Washington, and Texas
(Pacific-West Coast);
West Indies; present-day
Peru, Paraguay,
Uruguay, Colombia, and
North East South
America (mostly
present-day Brazil)
Relationship with the Native
Usually overthrew
natives and took their
Made into slaves to work
sugar mills, later
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