HIS 1700 Lecture 6: Feb 7 - Politics and Power in Early Modern Europe

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7 Feb 2017

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Birth of the nation state
Dynastic: inherited power/loyalty through generations
Powerful kings and queens
o Hapsburg
o Tudors
o Valois
Models for monarchy
o Absolute Spain, France
o Constitutional England (not uncontested)
Strategies for success
Routes to failure
Common themes, European monarchies:
Power consolidated in hereditary monarch
Power fostered by strategic marriages
Power of Church subordinated to power of monarch
Faith and language linked to national identity
o A national identity did not wipe out regional loyalty
Aristocrats supported, rather than opposed, monarchs
o The actually went to work for the monarch
New-style armies owed allegiance to monarch
Links between taxes and military power
o You have to keep on taxing to keep the military funded
Improvement of administrative structures and processes
Some very talented monarchs
Decline of feudalism weakened dependent aristocracy
Nobility went into state service
Rise of oe eoo ireased oarh’s poer ad ifluee taes & patroage
New-style armies owed direct allegiance to monarchs
Models for nation state development:
Absolute monarchy *Divine right*
Constitutional monarch England
Bourgeois republic Netherlands oligarchy
Early Great Powers
o United aristocracy and church behind monarch
o Success supported by wealth of huge empire
o Forged idetit through religio Roa Catholiis, lood “paish, ad
argializatio of others Jes ad Muslis
o Lacked commercial development
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