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Lecture 13

HIS 2201 Lecture 13: Slavery Debate

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Appalachian State University
HIS 2201
Lynne Marie Getz

Slavery Debate Second Great Awakening- Pietism- personal faith more important than doctrine or theology Revivalism- emotional preaching and personal conversion, camp meetings Circuit Riders- ministers who rode to the frontier and hold camp meetings Burned Over District- Oneida County, where too much revival happened and people got burned out Charles Grandison Finney- individual is predictable, individual can perfect society - Northern view, people form benevolent association/ voluntary association and temperance societies (mainly supported by women), and bible distribution and school reform All abolitionists are religiously rooted and non-political American Colonization Society- est. 1816, gradual emancipation compensation, raise money to free slaves and send them to Africa (Liberia), James Monroe was a member, but they are no longer Africans, theyre African Americans, become a nucleus of new ethnic group, rejection of blacks as equal and social equality Abolitionists- immedialists, slavery is a sin, no compensation, must stop right away, small percent of North population, rejected constitu
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