MUS-2022 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pea, Cabasa, Temple Block

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20 Feb 2017
Overall introduction to music
Basic vocab definitions
Rondo- a recurring theme which is a part that keeps coming back
Timbre- a tone or unique quality of sound
Rhythm- a strong regular repeated pattern of movement or sound
Melody- sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying
Harmony- combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to previous cord and
chord progressions having a pleasing effect
Expression- art of playing or singing music with emotional communication. this includes
Dynamic, Forte, piano, Timbre, articulation, etcetera
Tempo- Pace or speed at which a section of music is played
Dynamics- the relative loudness of a particular section of music
articulation- musical Direction performance technique with which affects the transition or
continuity on a single note or between multiple notes or sounds
Form- how things are organized or in chunks according to music
Body percussion- using your body to make music
found sound- anything you use in your environment to make music which produces
Types of instruments
Go Go drum- it is curved for your hand, has two Different Drums, hence two different
Go go Bell- it is curved for your hand, has two different Bells, hence two different sounds
Peapod- it is shaped like a pea pod and makes an interesting sound when played
Claves- two wooden sticks that when play together make an interesting musical quality
ratchet- looks like a sign with a turning mechanism attached in which a unique sound
quality is created
cabasa- a wooden instrument with beads that when turned in your hand make a krrr
Tambourine- a drum with little symbols on the side
Piccolo blocks- 5 blocks that make sound
Temple blocks- these are Piccolo blocks on a stand
Flexa tones- a ball on a metal tube that swings in between two pieces of metal creating a
unique sound quality that can be perceived as irritating
Kokoriko- A collection of wooden plank like objects that when snapped create a domino
effect in which the sound quality sounds like dominoes falling over quickly
Slapstick-A wooden instrument when when done in a snapping like manner produces a
sound of a mousetrap getting triggered
Djembe drum has an hourglass shape figure that is to be perched in between your legs
Bongos are 2 drums that are connected to be hit in alternating fashions
Conga drums basically look like one bongo drum
Tubanos are really tall somewhat skinny drums
Little hints for music
find more resources at
find more resources at
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