PHO-1022 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Full Frame, Histogram, Dynamic Range

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9 Feb 2017
Photographic Imaging 1
Full Frame- 50mm
Crop Frame- 35mm-wider angle if put on full frame
Multiplier effect on lenses- 1.3-1.6
Full Frame
Crop Frame- narrower D.O.F.
- Bird and sports photographer uses crop frame
- Crop frame- compressed angle- lack of shallow depth of field
- Full frame- shallow depth of field- used by portrait photographers
Nikon- DX=crop sensor lens
FX= full frame lens
Invest in lenses not cameras- they last longer
Focal length/diameter of f/stop = aperture
100mm/25mm= f/4
200mm/50mm= f/4
*same value of light
Hyper focal- from point of focus
8ft= 6ft 11ft
Wedding Histogram
*Always have the histogram start before the wall
*You want it farther away from the pure white to
not blow out details
find more resources at
find more resources at
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