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Lecture 6

PSY 2213 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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Appalachian State University
PSY 2213
Andrew Smith

Lecture 6 September selfawareness theory: when people focus on themselves, they compare their heavier to their internal standard introspection instances where introspection might not accurate ex. the disrupted television show people like better rather then the continuous ex. spoilers study people who had the ending spoil, appreciated book better many different examples showing the people dont know what affects their own feelings and behaviors casual theories lead people to think they know what influences them but they actually dont be thoughtful about the reflection paper i disagree with the spoilers study because it ruins the suspense, have an idea what is going to happen, ruins the effect of the surprise or the plot twist that captivates you Social Psychology in the Real World children are terrible at introspection people often dont realize things that do influence their behavior mistakes happen because we dont have access to our own cognitive processes we have to make assumptions making assumptions about ourself we apply afterthefact causal theories i didnt like the book. It must be because my dana roommate spoiled the ending people are very good at coming up with plausible explanations not always right reasons but they make sense what happens when we generate feeling for our feelings why do you like your significant other? reasonsgenerated attitude change: changes in attitude resulting from thinking about the reasons for ones attitudes generating reasons can actually decrease enjoyment or appreciation why generating reasons can decrease liking? somethings that come to mind might not be good he has this really annoying habit it could be difficult to come up with reasons (not because they arent there, just hard to verbalize) recall listing 6 or 12 assertive actions
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