REL 2010 Lecture 2: REL OC 2

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8 Feb 2017

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REL 2010 Old Testament
- traditional domain- priests (preserved ritual laws, in late period taught Torah)
- literary forms- historical narratives and laws
- functions- to provide Israelite foundations for
1 world view (nature of God, world, humanity)
2 origin and purpose of Israel (covenant with God)
3 conduct (ritual, moral, social, criminal laws, etc)
- traditional domain- prophets
forer prophets- key characters in course of Israelite history, believed to have kept
latter prophets- main characters and their messages
- literary forms
forer prophets- broad-sweeping historical narratives
latter prophets- narratives focused on individuals; oral, poetic messages
- functions
forer prophets
a. preserve the traditions of Israel
b. answer questions about the course history took, evaluating kings and nations
c. teach about the nature of reality
latter prophets- hold people accountable to faith priorities (different emphasis for
each prophet
- traditional domain- varied, but wisdom literature associated with the sage (collected wisdom
and knowledge)
- literary forms- (varied) wisdom literature, hymnic lit, historical narrative, story
- functions- (varied)
a. teach about the nature of life and how to live skillfully
b. hymnic- guidance and encouragement in expressions of prayer, worship and
c. narrative- sae as uder forer prophets
Elements of Communication
- Addresser
- Means
- Referent
- Addressee
- Rhetorical intent
- Rhetorical strategy/rules
- Literary features
- Reading strategy/tools
- Rhetorical impact
- Emotive- emphasis on the speaker
- Conative- emphasis on the audience
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