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Lecture 14

SOC 2020 Lecture 14: SOC 2020 test 3.4

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SOC 2020
Kenneth Muir

SOC 2020 test 3.4 Mental Illness • Difficulty in classifying illnesses o Measuring issues o Validity in diagnosis • Social factors o Social class o Gender o Race and ethnicity • Classical school of criminology o Rational choice ▪ Maximize pleasure, minimize pain ▪ Punishment should fit crime • Be sufficiently harsh to deter but not overly harsh • This will lead to rational calculation to conform • What deviance does this not explain • Classifications o Organic disorders (brain damage, head injury, aging, drug abuse, etc.) • Functional disorders o Psychotic disorders (major) ▪ Schizophrenia, manic-depression o Neurotic disorders (minor) ▪ Anxiety, OCD, depression o Character disorders ▪ Sociopathic, antisocial personality • How do we measure mental illness in a population? o Do we look at who is admitted to mental institutions? (social control) o Do we look at who visits therapists and psychiatrists? ▪ Why this might be problematic ▪ How would we count the numbers/distribution of mentally ill ▪ How do we know the diagnostic categories we use really indicative mental illness • Social factors o Sociologist interested in patterns
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