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Anthropology (Social and Behavioral)
ASB 102
Yu Cao

Religion Lecture Notes I Religious Clericsa Those who are able to deal w supernatural in ways individual members arent i Act as parttime or fulltime specialists ii Intervene on behalf of individualclientcommunity iii Intermediaries btwn supernatural realmphysical realm b Types of Clerics i Prophetsconsidered the mouthpiece of gods a communicate the wordswill of gods to community ii Divinersa cleric who practices divination a Divination supernatural techniques used to obtain information about things unknown b Secular examples psychics palm readers fortune tellers etc iii Healersclerics that practice religiousbased healing iv Priestssee below v Shamanssee below c 2 most common clerics are priestsshamans i Priests a Seen in largerscale foodproducing societies b Tied to formal institutionalized types of religions c Act as fulltime specialis
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