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BUS 498
Tom Wang

LESSON: 11 JOB DESCRIPTION Learning Objectives: 1. To know about significance of Job Description. 2. To know the contents and the uses of Job Description and the job Specification. 3. To know the characteristics of a good Job Description. So friends! can you explain why job description is needed for employees in an organization. To study the concept “ job description” we should also know ‘what is Job Analysis’. so let us memorize what we have studied earlier! JobAnalysis: In simple terms, job analysis may be understood as a process of collecting information about a job. The process of job analysis results in two sets of data: i) Job description and ii) Job specification. These data are recorded separately for references. Let us summarise the concept of JobAnalysis: Afew definitions on job analysis are quoted below 4. Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job. The immediate products of this analysis are job descriptions and job specifications. 5. Job analysis is a systematic exploration of the activities within a job. It is a basic technical procedure, one that is used to define the duties, responsibilities and accountabilities of a job. 6. A job is a collection of tasks that can be performed by a single employee to contribute to the production of some products or service provided by the organization. Each job has certain ability recruitments (as well as certain rewards) associated with it. Job analysis is the process used to identity these requirements. Specifically, job analysis involves the following steps: 7. Collecting and recording job information 8. Checking the job information for accuracy. 9. Writing job description based on the information 10. Using the information to determine the skills, abilities and knowledge that are required on the job. 5. Updating the information from time to time. Job Analysis, A process of obtaining all pertaining job facts is classified into two i.e. Job Description and Job specification Job Description is an important document, which is basically descriptive in nature and contains a statement of job Analysis. It provides both organizational information’s (like location in structure, authority etc) and functional information (what the work is). It gives information about the scope of job activities, major responsibilities and positioning of the job in the organization. This information gives the worker, analyst, and supervisor with a clear idea of what the worker must do to meet the demand of the job. Who can better describe the characteristics of good job description? Earnest Dale has developed the following hints for writing a good job description: - 11. The job description should indicate the scope and nature of the work including all-important relationships. 12. The job description should be clear regarding the work of the position, duties etc. 3) More specific words should be selected to show:- a) The kind of work 13. The degree of complexity 14. The degree of skill required 15. The extent to which problems are standardized 16. The extent of worker’s responsibility for each phase of the work So friends we can conclude by saying that Job description provide the information about the type of job and not jobholders. USES OF JOB DESCRIPTION: - Now friends we will see why job description is necessary in an organization, There are several uses of job description, like • Preliminary drafts can be used as a basis for productive group discussion, particularly if the process starts at the executive level. • It helps in the development of job specification. • It acts as a too during the orientation of new employees, to learn duties & responsibilities. It can act as a basic document used in developing performance standards. CONTENTS OF JOB DESCRIPTION: Friends following are the main content of a job description it usually consist of following details or data., Job Description:Astatement containing items such as • Job title / Job identification / organization position • Location • Job summary • Duties • Machines, tools and equipment • Materials and forms used • Supervision given or received • Working conditions • Hazards Job identification or Organization Position: - This includes the job title, alternative title, department, division and plant and code number of the job. The job title identifies and designates the job properly. The department, division etc., indicate the name of the department where it is situated and the location give the name of the place. Job Summary: - This serves two important purposes. First is it gives additional identification information when a job title is not adequate; and secondly it gives a summary about that particular job. Job duties and responsibilities: - This gives a total listing of duties together with some indication of the frequency of occurrence or percentage of ti
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