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Matter,Transformations and Measurements

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CHM 113
Ron Briggs

Chemistry: study of the composition, properties and transformations of matter Classifications of matter: Matter- anything that has mass and occupies space Pure substance – matter with fixed composition and distinct properties -Elements: Pure substance consisting of just one type of atom, listed by chemical symbol on Period Table (C for Carbon) -Compounds: Atoms of two or more elements bonded together (H O) 2 Mixtures – Two or more pure substances intermingled with one another -Homogeneous mixture (solution): Uniform composition throughout, percentage of each component allowed to vary however (air) -Heterogeneous mixture: Non-uniform composition throughout (marble, sand) Properties of matter: Matter can undergo chemical and physical transformations Physical changes: Change in appearance of phase (solid, liquid, gas) but not composition (Ice melting, breaking something) Phase changes: Freezing (l to s), melting (s to l), vaporization (l to g), condensation (g to l), sublimation (s to g), and deposition (g to s) -The temperatures at which the phase changes occur (freezing point, melting point) are called physical properties. -Different substances have different sets of physical properties At 25 degrees C, dry ice goes
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