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Organization of Periodic Table & Properties of Elements

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CHM 113
Ron Briggs

Periodic Table & Mendeleev - Mendeleev determined that element properties recur in regular cycles (periodically) when arranged by increasing atomic mass - He arranged all the known elements of his time and began to notice patterns developing every 8 elements - Was able to use this table to predict new elements not yet discovered Today’s Periodic Table: - 118 known elements - 88 occur naturally on Earth - Most are solid and metal - Elements about 92, Uranium, are radioactive and manmade Layout of the Periodic Table - Organized by atomic number, atomic symbol and atomic weight - Columns (Groups) o Up & Down rows o Each has a group number and letter (A Or B) o Main groups (the ones on the left and right) get an A designation o The others (the one sin the middle – transition elements) get a B  Example: Sodium, Na, in first column so in Group 1A  Example: Helium, He, group 8A  Example: Oxygen, O, group 6A  Example: Titanium, Ti, group 4B - Rows (Periods) o Left & Right Three main categories of elements - Representative (Main Group) Elements (Groups 1A-8A) o Most abundant elements o Show the most trends every 8 elements - Transition metals (D-block elements) (Groups 3B-2B) - Lanthanides & Actinides (Inner transition metals/F-Block elements/Rare Earth metals) o Bottom of the Periodic Table o Follow Elements La and Ac Types of Elements and Locations: - Alkali Metals: Group 1 except for Hydrogen - - Alkaline Earth Metals: Group 2 - Nobel Gases: Group 8A - Metalloids: B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te (Elements on left and right side of zigzag) - Metals: Elements on the left-hand side of the metall
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