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COM 310
Laura Guerrero

Attraction Individual Qualities Defining Attraction: • Attraction is a force that draws people together, often by evoking interest or admiration. • Attraction is a multifaceted process. 1.) not just physical 2.) Changes over time • Attraction can be based on first impressions or on acquired knowledge about a person. Types of Attraction: • Physical 1.) When we are drawn to people's look, whether it is someone's eyes, hair, attire, height, smile, eyes, clothing. • Sexual 1.) Reflects the desire to engage in sexual activity with someone and usually is accompanied by feelings of sexual arousal in the presence of the person; physically attractive. • Social 1.) Reflects the feeling that we would like to go out to socialize with friends. • Relational 1.) We are attracted to the personality, looks, and the physical connection of others. • Task-Oriented 1.) Refers to our desire to work with someone to fulfill instrumental goals, such as completing a project or making a presentation. a. Some are attracted to task oriented people because of income and earn a living • Fatal 1.) Occurring when the qualities that draw us to someone eventually contribute to relational breakup. a. Common type: narcissism. b. Certain qualities that looks good at first but won't last in a relationship. • Chemical 1.) By thinking about someone, you will have a biological attraction to that person. A Model of Attraction: • The (Attracted) Person 1.) Personal qualities, and preferences, for example, personality, interpersonal needs, expectations, self- esteem, physical appearance, level of communication skill. 2.) Qualities that you are attracted to. • The Other Person (Potential Partner) 1.) Qualities of others and preferences that they bring to the interaction, such as personality, needs, expectations, self-esteem, physical appearance, and levels of communication skills. • The Chemistry or Interaction between the two people 1.) Qualities, for instance, similarities and differences between relational partners across countless characteristics. 2.) You don't feel like you have physical connection to that person, just a like friendship. • Social, contextual, and environmental factors 1.) Including details of the location in which the interaction occurs (ex: size, temperature, furniture, public versus private setting) and feedback from friends/family. Person-Related Factors • Rewards: What we look for in others -- varies by person, culture, and sex 1.) Such as financial resources. A powerful influence on our attraction to others is our perception of their reward value, which relates to our interpersonal needs and preferences. We are attracted to others when we think they offer more rewards than costs. • Expectancies: What we expect other people to be like, sometimes based on stereotypes or past experiences 1.) People's expectations have a way of becoming reality, regardless of other person's actual behavior and in so doing influence to whom people are attracted. These expectations will lead them to respect them, therefore, leading them to confirm their expectations. 2.) Certain school/major/classes 3.) Certain similarities Characteristics Women Find Attractive in Men 1. Ambition 2. Intelligence 3. Humor 4. Height 5. Body 6. Nice eyes 7. Loyalty 8. Sensitivity Characteristics Men find Attractive in Women 1. Beautiful face 2. Hour-glass shaped figure 3. Humor 4. Warmth 5. Nice legs 6. Easy to talk to 7. Beautiful 8. Intelligence Attributes of the Other Person • The “What is Beautiful is Good” Hypothesis (a.k.a. “the halo effect”) 1.) This stereotype leads people to believe that physically attractive individuals are more likely to succeed and be more sociable, popular, intelligent, and competent than their less attractive counterparts. ‣ Body symmetry ‣ "Average" facial proportions ‣ Youth ‣ Moderately high level of femininity/masculinity (depending on sex) ‣ remember Lookism video Lookism Hour Video 1/21/2014 1. Some presidential candidates are more attractive than others; Nixon looked nervous 2. People are increasingly getting plastic surgeries 3. Beauty 4. Food, caffeine, drugs, all come to a pretty face 5. Competition among genders 6. Woman looked at women and men; longer
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