CSE 100 Lecture 14: CSE100-Lecture 14

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Arizona State University
Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 100
Xuerong Feng

Lecture 14 6.7 Returning a Value from a Function return statement can be used to return a value from a function to the module that made the function call prototype and function header must indicate data type of return value (not void) calling function should use the returned value assign it to variable sent it to cout use in arithmetic computation use in relational expression Returning a Value the ret tatement Format return expression; expression: may be variable, literal value, or expression expression should be same data type as declared return type of function (will be converted if not) 6.8 Returning a Boolean Value function can return true or false you can declare return type in the function prototype and header as bool function body must contain return statement(s) that return true, false, or bool variables or expressions calling function can use return value in relational expression Boolean return Example bool isValid(int); prototype bool isValid(int val) header { int min = 0, max = 100; if(val >= min val <= max) return true; else return false; } if (isValid(score)) call Programming Style and return statements a programming style may calculate a return value and use a single return statement. Previous example could be bool isValid(int val) header { bool result; int min = 0, max = 100; if(val >= min val <= max) result = true;
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