CSE 100 Lecture 17: CSE100-Lecture 17

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Arizona State University
Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 100
Xuerong Feng

Lecture 17 Exam 2 Review Chapter 5: Loops intro of loops: while loop using while loop for input validation increment and decrement operators counters keeping a running total sentinels the dowhile loop the for loop nested loops breaking out of a loop using files for data storage Chapter 6: Functions modular programming defining and calling functions function prototypes sending data into a function passing data by value return statement returning a value from a function returning a boolean value local and global variables static local variables using reference variables as parameters overloading functions Exam Structure: TF 15 q, 30 pt MC: 5 q, 20 pts Short Answer: 20 pts Write part of program: 30 pts (15 pts*2q) Exam Rule: 45 minutes closed book but can one have paper both sides as cheat sheet
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