CSE 120 Lecture 3: Breadboard Basics, SOP and POS Forms

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Arizona State University
Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 120

CSE 120 Lecture Three Notes Breadboard Basics, SOP and POS forms Breadboard Basics A platform used as a base to build their circuits Easier method than using wirewrapping Allows for prototyping circuits due to breadboards being solderless Also makes it easier to attempt to replicate a circuit Anatomy of a Breadboard The numerical rows (1, 2, 3, ) are terminal strips Any component placed will be electrically connected to any other components placed into the same row The crease in the middle of the board prevents the rows from having ten connection points to connect components on Each row will consistently have five connection points Power rails Rows that run vertically on both sides of the board Each row is marked with either a positive sign (red stripe) or a negative sign (blue or black stripe) to denote the charge that would be received from that connection column If the student desires to have power on both sides, connect wires from one set of power rails to the other Rows and Columns The numbering on the rows as well as the letters that line the columns serve no purpose other than organization
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