CIM 206 Lecture 5: poetry

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CIM 206

Last name 1 Name Institution Tutor Date Comparison between Daffodils and The great Gatsby that can be compared to a poem, Daffodils, by William Wordsworth.One does not expect the two to have similarities.However, they have some similarities, which cannot be underestimated .This is because they are important in enhancing the readership of the two, as well as promoting the spirit of critical inquiry.This spirit of inquiry is very important as it makes it possible for on to have an indepth study of the two pieces of literature,which in turn enhances the understanding of both .These similarities are important as they help in creating a sense of critical inquiry into different matters in this life, and the aspects that are important.The comparisons are as seen below. First of all, the setting of the two pieces is similar. This is clear as we have all his having some aspects of the main characters being in the open,and in a contemplative mood. In daffodils, we find that the main character is beside a lake.He is also beneath the trees, watching daffodils that are golden in color.In the great Gatsby, Nick observes that Gatsby standing in the dark,and is spreading the arms toward the water. This is important as it acts symbolically. For instance,in the great Gatsby, this is symbolic of how people move up a river but are derailed by their past.
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