CIM 206 Lecture 15: african education

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Concrete Industry Management
CIM 206

Baotob 1 Lama Baotob Professor Bustos ENGL_116_661 Essay 2: essay revision Hello Anthony Provencio, 2. You are having concerns on the instances of steering away from the thesis statement. Well, this should be an area of concern, but you should not find it as a big issue. This it is because an issue being focused on writing. There are many solutions to this, and one of the solutions is having a draft from which you can they have your final version of it, A draft is good as it plans the essay, in a manner that ensures one does not drift away or leave some aspect of the essay, especially if we have them in the thesis statement .A rough draft is your solution, as it will have all the ideas dealt with 3 surely, this paragraph is very weak. This because the ideas are just placed in a way that does not show any carefulness .A thesis statement is the main entity that you should offer importance in your essay. The thesis statement should have been the lead in your having to put ideas in the paragraph, as it is a supporting paragraph. Instead of having to change the whole topic, it is better if you just did some correction, in manner that will show that you are in the right track. The paragraph is weak because it does not address any issues that are pertinent to what the paper is all about. The aim of paragraphs that follow the first one is the determiner of what the essay is all about
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