CIM 206 Lecture 7: prop response

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Concrete Industry Management
CIM 206

Lama Baotob Professor Bustos ENGL_116_661 Essay 2: essay revision Essay revision My essay was all about what Reyna Grande addresses in the distance between us. My introductions was about what the author intended to make the readers learn through her work. Here, I give an overview on all that she had in mind. On that paragraph, which is the introduction made it clear that the aspect in discussion was illegal immigration and the entities that come along with it? On the second paragraph, I major my aspects on the effects that immigration has on children. Immigration is an aspect that is seen to steal parents from the children, and this makes them suffer. In fact, I give an in text citation that explains the effect that immigration has on the children and their livelihood, including their aspect of lacking parental love. On my third paragraph, I get to explain on the effects of being in the united states, as Reyna eventually goes there .I speak on how Reyna copes on well despite the problems that she has. She has to do her best as she sees this as a way of repaying the gratitude and the offered for education that her father has offered. I have it clear, from the words of her father which are, I brought you to this country to get an education and to take advantage of all the opportunities this country has to offer (Grande 166)
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