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Part 1 Chapter 2 OutlineNew Civilizations in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres 2200250 BCE1EARLY CHINA 2000221 BCEaGeography and ResourcesiChina is isolated1SWHimalayas2WPamirTian Mountains Takla Makan desert3NWGobi desert4NMongolian steppe5Not totally isolated but led to distinct developmentiiThe East Asian Environment1YellowYangtze2 key rivers give EW movement2Eastern agricultural zoneaNortherratic rainfallbSouthseasonal monsoonscTimber stone metal deposits cultivatable landdLoesslight silt deposited by windwater of Yellow River Valley in N ChinaiiiIntensive Agriculture1Large s of people needed to be coordinatedaClear forestbConstruct dikescDig reservoirs2Staple crops millet wheat riceaRice paddies took much effortiFlat land needediiSurrounded by water channelsiiiWhen crop is ripe paddy is drainedivRice can feed more people per acre led to population growth in S ChinabThe Shang Period 17501045 BCEiEarly Societies1Used pottery wheel high powered kilns harvested millet used stone tools produced silk cloth22000 BCEmade bronze 1000 years ahead of MPTMiddle East3First dynasty Xia4Second dynasty Shang 17501045 BCEaWritten record oracle bonesiBottom turtle shells shoulder bones of cattleiiReligious royal itemsiiOracle Bones and Shang Religionth1Earliest oracle bone 13 CBCEaSophisticated writingiAncestor of modern Chineseother SE Asian alphabetsiiSeveral hundred characters represented a one syllable word for an objectideaiiiSmall number of people could do itbReligioniSupreme godDi In the sky unleashes storms Indifferent to humansiiDeceased go to same sphere as DiiiiMany gods can intervene on earthivLink Shang rulerancestorsDi1Rulerlink between heavenearth2Gives ruler great authority
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