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Arizona State University
PSY 101
Robert Short

01/09/2013 Psychology 101 Notes: Ancient History of Psychology  PSYCHE=Greek for soul  LOGOS=Greek for the study of a subject o Nobody has ever had a say in who they are to begin with. o You are born a specific race, in a specific place, to certain parents  ANIMISM: everything in nature is alive  ANTHROPORMORPISM: o Project human feelings and emotion onto nature; everything contained a spirit or ghost o Magic evolved to influence spirits=CONTROL OVER NATURE  The more control you have over your environment the more likely you are to survive GREEK RELIGION  OLYMPIAN: Gods who resembled upper-class  DIONYSIC-ORPHIC: Soul is a prisoner of the body. o This is a common narrative for those who suffer in society o Religion was as useless as magic in controlling the natural world. ****PHYSIS: The primary element ****  Examples of societal projection of natural blame o THALES: Water o ANAXIMANDER: “Boundless” o HERCLITUS: Fire  MOISM: No distinction between the mind and body  Pythagoras: full-fledged dualism: Mind is immortal, the sensation is mortal and should be avoided  RELATIVITY OF TRUTH o Leads to scientific method o SOPHISTS: Truth is subjective o SOCRATES: Agreed with Sophists but also promoted introspection o PLATO: Ideas are independent of subjectivity  Reason  Sensation=ignorance  REMINESCENCE THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE:  Rationalism  Introspection  Nativism ARISTOTLE  People afraid of innovation feared Aristotle because of his pleasurable views on sensaion  Sensation is critical to knowledge  All things have purpose  There is an “unmover”  Nature is organized from earth, to planets to humans to the “unmover”  Memory versus Recall  Imagination and Dreams  Humans are motivated by appetites for knowledge  Rationality controls appetites  Everything in moderation! EARLY GREEK THOUGHT BROUGHT US OUT OF THE DARK AND INTO THE LIGHT LEADING TO THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD History of Psychology I. Structuralism (Wunt, 1879, Liepzig, Gerany) –First school of psychology a. Argument
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