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****01/16/2013 Psychology 101 Notes****: Neuroscience and Behavior I. The Nervous System a. Two types of cells i. Neurons ii. Glial b. Components II. Communication a. Structure b. Action potential c. Synapse III. Common Neurotransmitters a. Ach b. Dopamine c. Serotonin d. Norepinephrine e. GABA IV. The Peripheral Nervous System V. The Central Nervous System VI. The Endocrine System VII. The Brain a. Hindbrain b. Limbic system c. Forebrain d. Association Neuroscience Basics  Two types of cells o Neurons: Specialized to rapidly respond to signals and quickly send signals of their own o Glial- “Glue” together the neural networks and help communication  Similarities o Myelin Sheath- Let’s some things in and keeps some things out o Cell body- Contains the Nucleus that contains all the genetic information that determines how a cell functions o Mitochondria- Structures that turn oxygen and glucose into energy How do neurons communicate? I. Structure: Long, thin intertwining fibers allow for communication a. Two types of fibers: i. Axons: Fibers that carry signals away from the cell body ii. Dendrites: Fibers that receive signals from the axons and carry signals to the cell body II. Action Potentials: The Domino Effect—A brief change in a neuron’s electrical charge a. Consider them a loaded gun b. Neurons generate electricity from an exchange of atoms i. Ions- Charged molecules (+ or -) ii. Polarization- More negative charge inside than outside the cell c. Pressure, Heat, Light, or other Chemicals- what we respond to i. Depolarization- Drop in negative charge in the neuron ii. Myelin- Fatty substan
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