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Lecture 1

PSY 101 Lecture 1: Psychology Notes Part 1

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PSY 101
Lynda Mae

Thursday, September 24, 2015 The Psychology of Sleep Dreaming Circadian rhythms: Biological rhythms experienced by humans and many other species About 24 hours Natural sleep Light Body temperature Resetting the Biological Clock (necessary. = SLEEP) 1) Retina detects light 2) Sends message to hypothalamus (particular: Suprachiasmic nucleus) 3) SCN sends message to pineal gland 4) Pineal gland releases melatonin 5) Melatonin adjusts clock Artificial melatonin does not tend to help this process There are Sleep Labs that help do research on sleepingdreaming Main tool utilized: Electroencephalograph (EEG) Other instruments: EMG (muscles), EOG (eyes), EKG (heart rate) Measures brain waves while sleeping Some study erectile dysfunction (physical or psychological?) Sleep Cycles AWAKE: Beta waves (low voltage, high frequency) * Deeper into sleep, reverses into higher voltage and lower frequency. DROWSY: Alpha waves (love your bed. Relaxed. Meditation state) STAGE 1: Theta waves (light sleep, lasts 57 minutes) Fantastic images: sensory experiences that happen without a stimulus. Most common one = falling, another is floating STAGE 2: Mixture of waves (lasts about 20 minutes) Sleep spindles: Random burst of brain activity STAGE 3 4: Delta waves (high voltage, low frequency. Deep sleep, ~30 minutes. Much harder to wake you up.) REM: Brain waves look like you are awake (low voltage, high frequency) Random firing Contains the most dreaming Rapid Eye Movements (R.E.M.) and rapid brain waves Nonsexual genital arousal Motor cortex center of brain very active, but brain stem blocks efferent messages. Therefore, you feel things, but do not react. 1
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