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Lecture 22

ANTH 1000 Lecture 22: Post contact

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ANTH 1000
Meghan Buchanan

Post contact • Many tribes decimated as a result of disease • Complex networks of alliances and contentious relationships emerge • Some ally with European colonizers and later US government o Ex. Upper and lower creeks • Assimilation efforts o Christianity, agriculture • Native americans allowed to occupy land, but not hold title Indian removal act, 1830 • Passed by congress during Andrew Jackson’s presidency • Authorized the president to negotiate with southeastern tribes for their removal to Oklahoma • Trail of tears • Reservations controlled by US government • Prohibitions on religion • Indian boarding schools o “kill the Indian, save the man.” Inequality I the reservation system • Cannot prosecute American citizens for crimes committed on tribal lands o Only the justice department can • Complexities of sovereignty and land ownership • Locational and economic inequality o Pine ridge reservation ▪ 80+% unemployment ▪ Many familied have no electricity, running water sewage • Environmental inequality o US waste disposal o Navajo Nation ▪ Church rock uranium mine spill Indigenous resistance • American indian movement • Native American self-determination • American indian religious freedom act (1978) • Native American graves protection and repatriation act (1990) • Dakota access pipeline protests (2016) Common themes • Inequalities exist in many societies – in almost all societies today • Inequalities are based on differences o Kinship/class in pre-contact southeastern societies o Skin color and perceived attributes in the US • Sometimes inequalities reach a kind of status quo (all classes/castes “buy in”) and become naturalized/ normalized o Alliances and treaties being broken • However, when inequalities become institutionalized or are implemented in ways that cause violence or harm…people stop “buying in” o Civil rights movement o Battles of little big horn, massacre at wounded knee • Extreme inequality can have profound effects that impact generations o US reservation system – poverty, lack of basic services, shorter life expectance, environment conditions Health and Healing Medical Anthropology • One of the fast
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