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Lecture 23

ANTH 1000 Lecture 23: Understanding disease and healing holistically

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ANTH 1000
Meghan Buchanan

Understanding disease and healing holistically • Diseases of civilization: proximate sickness resulting from ultimate factors linked with “development” o Diabetes in Pima N.A. o Expansion of malaria • Medicalization: labeling ad treating problems medically rather than addressing the underlying cultural forces, structural suffering, or environmental factors • Over-medicalization can be dangerous Illness, disability, and social identity • In many ways that can depend on who is affected and for how long • Is it intrinsic to the individual’s social identity? To their personal identity? Globalization • Major force of cultural change involving the process of intense global interconnectedness and movement of goods, information, and people • Some important things to know o What is being globalized? o What historical and technological developments facilitate globalization? o What mechanisms reinforce globalization? o Is the process an equal exchange? From where is the majority of cultural change flowing? When did we become global? • Long histories of contact, exchange, movement between Europe, Asia, and Africa o Same is true within the Americas • People have always moved The Columbian exchange • Widespread exchange of animals, plants, people, diseases, and ideas between the old and new worlds • What exchanges leave from the old world (Europe, Asia, Africa) and go to the New World? • What leaves the New World for the old?
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