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Anthropology Notes 2 9/30/2013 6:59:00 AM ARCHAEOLOGY: Searching for understanding in the Archaeological record  Archaeological record DOES NOT lie.  In order to interpret what we find, we need to know about a wide range of aspects of a given culture.  An Archaeological site is past evidence of humans and human activities o Archaeological survey: attempt identify them to find, date, and explain types of human behavior. o Humans are messy: littering, leaving things behind, etc. o Artifact: item made, modified, or used by humans. o There are many types of archaeological site in the world o We create a database for the known sites  Cultural development closely related to technology o Present Time: informational age o Industrial Age: Use of machines o Iron Age: prerequisite of the industrial age o Bronze Age: copper and tin o Neolithic Age: new stone age o Mesolithic Age: middle stone age o Paleolithic Age (longest): earliest hominid human stone tools  Upper, Middle, Lower: crudest stone tools in lower. o Identified bt numerous factors like tools, settlements, economy, levels of socio-political organization, etc. AUSTRALOPITHECUS (Afarensis, Africanus, Robustus) and on:  Homo Habilis: Oldowan tools o Made the first tools, a rock that is flaked into a sharp point o First found in Olduvai Gorge  Homo Erectus: Acheulian tools o First hominid to leave Africa o From Africa, Europe, Asia o Lived for about .5M-1M years o Tools were hand axes o First hominid with fire. Also, they built huts from animal bones and animal skin.  Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis: Mousterian Tools o Tools first found in France o More advanced that previous tools o Used for cutting and drilling  Homo Sapiens Sapiens: o Many tools, cave art, etc.  Cave art could have been educational or religious o Most of their tools are blade tools (twice as long as it is wide
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