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BIOL 1020CHAPTER 1 LECTURE NOTESChapter 1 IntroductionThemes in the study of life I Biology is Studied Using the Scientific MethodAScience is based on a systematic thought process Makes testable models of how things work2Deductive reasoningSummarize the information at hand Draw conclusions from that information Proceeds from the general to the specific All birds have wings sparrows are birds conclusion sparrows have wings3Inductive reasoningDrawing a generalization from several specific observations Proceeds from the specific to the general Must be careful because it is impossible to prove the accuracy of the generalizationSparrows are birds and have wings falcons are birds and have wings all birds I have ever heard of or seen have had wings conclusion all birds have wingsBObservations testable models and experiments 1The scientific method is a recursive process for discovering knowledge that involves making observations making testable models and conducting experiments 2First step involves collecting information andor summarizing existing observations about the phenomenon under study 3This permits the formulation of a hypothesis a testable model that explains the existing observations and makes predictions that can be tested Explains existing observationsMakes predictions that can be tested4An experiment is conducted to test the correctness of the hypothesis
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