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BIOL 1020
Anne- Marie Singh

BIOL 1020CHAPTER 10 LECTURE NOTES Chapter 10 PhotosynthesisIOrganisms can be classified based on how they obtain energy and how they obtain carbonaenergy source ichemotrophs can only get energy directly from chemical compounds iiphototrophs can get energy directly from light these organisms can use chemical compounds as energy sources as well bcarbon source iautotrophs can fix carbon dioxide thus they can use CO2 as a carbon source iiheterotrophs cannot fix CO2 they use organic molecules from other organisms as a carbon sourceccombined these lead to 4 possible groups iphotoautotrophscarry out photosynthesis use light energy to fix CO2 storing energy in chemical bonds of organic molecules includes green plants algae and some bacteria iiphotoheterotrophsuse light energy but cannot fix CO2 only nonsulfur purple bacteria iiichemoautotrophsobtain energy from reduced inorganic molecules and use some of it to fix CO2 some bacteria ivchemoheterotrophsuse organic molecules as both carbon and energy sources dependent completely on other organisms for energy capture and carbon fixation includes all animals all fungi most protests and most bacteria IIThe electromagnetic spectrum and visible lightavisible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation belectromagnetic radiation consists of particles or packets of energy photons that travel as waves iamount of energy carried is inversely proportional to wavelength distance from one wave peak to another iispectrum ranges from short wavelengthhigh energy gamma rays to long wavelengthlow energy radio waves cthe portion of the spectrum visible to humans thus what we call
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