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BIOL 1020
Anne- Marie Singh

BIOL 1020CHAPTER 15 LECTURE NOTES Chapter 15 The chromosomal basis of inheritanceIChromosome theory of inheritance Mendelian factors genes have specific locus on the chromosomes chromosomes undergo segregation and independent assortment Morgan used Drosophila as a model system and demonstrated gene chromosome relationships Morgan demonstrated that linked genes tend to be inherited together because they are near each other on the same chromosomesagenetic linkageindependent assortment does not always occuriindependent segregation of chromosomes during meiosis I leads to independent assortment iiindependent assortment leads to recombination1recombinationany process that leads to combinations of genotypes not seen in the parents 2recombinant gametesgametes that display a recombinant genotype 3recombinant offspringoffspring whose phenotype reveals that they inherited genes from a recombinant gamete iiigenes that are on the same chromosome may not sort independently such genes are said to be linked ivan example will be used in class to show the effect of linkage on the results of a genetic cross vcrossing over breaks linkages between genes 1recall crossing over during prophase I between homologous chromosomes it is the only way to get genetic recombination between genes that are on the same chromosome 2the further apart two genes are the more likely they are to have crossing over occur between them thus leading to genetic recombination vigenetic maps of chromosomes 1percentage of crossing over or recombination is calculated from 100 times the number of divided by the total numberrecombinant offspringof offspring 2map unitby convention one map unit1
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