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BIOL 1020CHAPTER 22 LECTURE NOTES Chapter 22 Descent with Modification A Darwinian View of LifeIDarwins voyage 1Charles Darwin 18091882 received a degree in theology but also was trained in the type of field biology common in the early 19th century most prominent biologists of the time were field biologists who studied and classified organisms in their natural environments 2Darwin signed on as the captains companion on board the HMS Beagle on which he took a fiveyear voyage from 18311836 exploring South America and surrounding islands as well as islands in the South Pacific 3His private work on the voyage was as a naturalist collecting and cataloging thousands of species 4He was most impressed by the similarities between species in the Galapagos islands in the Pacific west of Ecuador and their similarities to species from South America this did not fit well with the divine design model that he had been trained under and that was still prominent at the time 5There was much discussion by immediate predecessors and contemporaries of Darwin about how the divine design model did not mesh well with observation of the extremes of variation among species the idea of extinct species represented in the fossil record and the functional similarities between the anatomy of extremely divergent species the idea that evolution occurs thus was in the air at the time but attempts to find a convincing mechanism fell short such as Lamarcks acquired characteristics model 6Recall Darwins theological trainingDarwin was well aware of the impact that a workable testable theory of evolution would have and the intense controversy and scrutiny it would draw thus while he worked out most of his theory of evolution shortly after his trip on the Beagle he spent 20 years accumulating evidence and doing experiments before finally publishing the idea 7Darwin was spurred on to publish when Alfred Russel Wallace shared his independent work where he had reached similar conclusions to Darwin they first presented the theory of evolution by natural selection together in 1858 8Darwin published his first version of the book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859 in it he laid out the entire argument with all of the evidence that he had been gathering ever since
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