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Archae Methanospirillum sp. Bacteria Gram + (gc% content, salt tolerance, morphology) Firmicutes • Anoxygenic phototrophs  o Purple sulfur bacteria  Gram­negative organisms  Prefer hydrogen sulfide to generate reducing power  Intracellular sulfur granuls  Most organisms are strict anaerobes and phototrophs • Some rare exceptions can grow aerobically and in absence  of light o Purple non­sulfur bacteria  Found in variety of aquatic habitats • Moist soil, bogs, and paddy fields  Prefer o Green sulfur bacteria   Gram – • Found in habitats similar to purpl sulfur bacteria • Use hydrogen sulfide as source of electrons • Many lack flagella but have gas vesicles • Sulfur granules that are extracellular • All are strict anaerobes and strictly phototrophic • Green in color  • Other anoxygenic phototrophs  o Characterized by filamentous growth o Metabolically resemble purple non­sulfur bacteria  • Oxygenic phototrohpsgen o Photosynthetic bacteria that use water as source of electrons   Oxidation of water liberates oxy gen  Cyanobacteria thought to  o The cyanobacteria  Includes more than 60 genera  Inhabit wide range of environments • Aqua0c to terrestrial  Able to convert nitrogen gas to ammonia • Nitrogen fixa0on  Some organisms single normally prokaryote shapes others form multi-cellular associa0ons called trichomes o Nitrogen-‐fixing cyanobacteria  Important ecologically • Can incorporate both nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide into organic material o Supports growth of other organisms o Helps control atmospheric carbon dioxide
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