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chem1030 chapter 3 notes: Stoichiometry; Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations

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CHEM 1030
Marla Spergel

Chapter 3 Stoichiometry Calculations with Chemical Formulas and EquationsChemical Equations concise representations of chemical reactionsAnatomy of a Chemical Equation o Reactants appear on the left side of the equation o Products appear on the right side of the equation o The states of the reactants and products are written in parentheses to the right of each compound o Coefficients are inserted to balance the equation o Subscripts tell the number of atoms of each element in a molecule o Coefficients tell the number of moleculesReaction typeso Combination reactions two or more substances react to form one product o Decomposition reactions one substance breaks down into two or more substances o Combustion reactions these are generally rapid reactions that produce a flame most often involve hydrocarbons reacting with oxygen in the airFormula Weight FW A formula weight is the sum of the atomic weights for the atoms in a chemical formula o Formula weights are generally reported for ionic com
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