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chem1030 chapter 8 notes: Concepts of Chemical Bonding

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CHEM 1030
Marla Spergel

Chapter 8 Concepts of Chemical BondingChemical Bonds o Three basic types of bondsIonicelectrostatic attraction between ionsCovalentsharing of electronsMetallicmetal atoms bonded to several other atomsEnergetics of Ionic Bonding o It takes 495 kJmol to remove electrons from sodium o We get 349 kJmol back by giving electrons to chlorine o But these numbers dont explain why the reaction of sodium metal and chlorine gas to form sodium chloride is so exothermic o There must be a third piece to the puzzle o What is as yet unaccounted for is the electrostatic attraction between the newlyformed sodium cation and chloride anionLattice Energy o This third piece of the puzzle is the lattice energyThe energy required to completely separate a mole of a solid ionic compound into its gaseous ions o The energy associated with electrostatic interactions is governed by Coulombs law o Lattice energy then increases with the charge on the ionsEnergetics of Ionic B
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