HIST 1020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Indian Rebellion Of 1857, Cash Crop, Nipple

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b. Sepoy Rebellion (1857)
1857- bloody revolt
Major changes in the colonial status of India
EIC introduced a new kind of bullet cartridge
Waterproof cartridges with animal fat
Rumors-cow fat is being used to grease the cartridges
Greased in pork fat
Unintentionally alienated the entire army- refused to use cartridges (violation of
religious beliefs)
Caused massive revolt
“epos feel iposed upo, esetet e lak the feedo e
Stories of sepoys murdering entire British families (yes, children)
British did the same back to the Indians
~100,000 Indians died
In an effort to degrade Indians, British would make them eat
meat before execution
Leads to direct rue of country through the British crown
Queen Victoria is declared the empress of India (the jewel of the crown)- 1877
c. Creation of the British Raj
Cash crops
World markets for teat
English abhorred slavery
Do’t at to suppot southe slae
Grows cotton in India
Southern economy was hit by this
Indian Opium
Chinese wanted
British can finally get a foothold in Chinese markets
Opium imports into china
1729- 200 chests
1838- 40,000 chests
Indians are doing frivolous tasks as servants to show the people back in Britain how
much better it is in Britain
IV. Effect of British Rule in India
a. Western education
Children of Indian elites only (Gandhi- worked as a lawyer in south Africa before
returning to India to start a nationalist movement)
b. Infrastructure and economics
Government controlled- bridges, roads, railroads, water supply
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