ARCH 440 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: National Historic Preservation Act Of 1966, National Historic Landmark, Historic Preservation

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Published on 16 Nov 2017
Guest Speaker, James Glass - The National Historic
Preservation Act at 50: Its Impact on the American
Preservation Movement and on Indiana
Prelude: Historic Preservation Act
After WWII, veterans wanted to live in the suburbs
Aid to veterans made this possible
Levittown, Long Island NY: Cookie cutter type suburbs for veterans typically
Urban Renewal Program: lots of money funded to clear "slums" and build high rises for
apartments or retail
o Reality: Few developers rushed in
Interstate Highway Program: new idea in the 1950s
o Connect cities for rapid travel between cities
o Quick way for people living in suburbs to get to downtown jobs
o Thought best way was in a straight line, which destroyed many buildings
GSA (General Services Administration) began destroying historic buildings because people
wanted to work in large glass curtain wall buildings
National Trust for Historic Preservation formed to counteract the destruction of historic
o Helen Bullock: published complaints to spread the word across the country
Environmental Tide Lifts Preservation 1960s
Steward Udall: Wrote "The Quiet Crisis"
o Showed the threat that the environment faced
Jacqueline Kennedy
o GSA wanted to destroy rowhouses across from the White House for executive offices
o Rowhouses were kept and the offices were placed behind looking over the houses at
the White House
o Talked to preservationists (only president to ever do this)
Preservation of Pope-Leighey House from Interstate 66
o Frank Lloyd Wright house, was eventually dismantled and moved so the interstate
could go through
Robert Utley: Historian for National Park Service
o Wanted Park Service to get into the process of preservation with Urban Renewal
Legislation is Passed
Lyndon Johnson
o Message to Congress on Natural Beauty (1965)
o First time a president exclusively proposed a historic preservation program
o Lady Bird Johnson and Gordon Gray: Pull the brakes on the government and their
destruction of historic preservation
Rains Committee goes to Europe (1965)
o Find out how the Europeans are preserving so many of their buildings
o Ford Foundation gave them a major grant to travel
o Blown away at how much European governments are doing to preserve compared to
the governments of the US
find more resources at
find more resources at
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