ARCH 440 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: National Historic Preservation Act Of 1966, Historic Sites Act, Log Cabin

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Published on 16 Nov 2017
Origins of the National Register of Historic Places
Antiquities Act - 1906
o Puts us on footing for preservation efforts
NPS - 1916
HABS - 1933
Historic Sites Act - 1935
o Recognize places with National significance
National Historic Preservation Act - 1966
o Official federal list of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are
o National Register comes out of this act
o Administered by the NPS
o Indiana Division Historic Preservation and Archaeology (state level)
Criteria for listing in National Register
o Events
Contribution to broad patterns of history
Ex: Sites of battles (battle of Tippecanoe), underground railroad
Event over a period of time
Ex: transportation, school #3 near Delphi (patterns of education)
o Persons
Associated with the lives of persons significant in our past
Less frequently cited
Ex: Ball mansions in Muncie
o Design/architecture/engineering
Distinctive type, period, or method of construction
Work of a master
High artistic value
Significant collection of properties (historic district)
Most broadly used, architectural style is the most common reason cited for
nominating a building
Engineering - bridges
Distinct difference between local designated districts and national register
Local district - county level designated, created by local ordinance that is
voted on by city council, create design guidelines and restrictions for
o Information
Properties in districts that may be likely to yield items important to history or
Ex: Native American settlement, archeological sites
Buildings can also yield important information (construction techniques of the
Ex: Log cabin
o Must meet at least one
o Local, state, or national significance
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