ARCH 440 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Ann Pamela Cunningham, Historic Sites Act, National Historic Preservation Act Of 1966

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Published on 16 Nov 2017
Origins of Historic Preservation
Scrape vs. Antiscrape
Scrape: LeDuc
Antiscrape: Ruskin
Restore or preserve
Mt. Vernon
First major preservation project
Saved by women
Ann Pamela Cunningham
Established preservation as a wealthy and public endeavor
William Summer Appleton
Preserve more than the patriotic architecture
Preserve good architecture as well
Treating a building as a large artifact
Open air museum
Lots of completely reconstructed buildings
Historic Sites Act of 1935
First time government took position on preservation
First national policy
Organized efforts under NPS and SOI
National landmark program (survey)
Penn Station
Demolished 1963
Mobilizes preservation movement in the 60s
Preservation inspired by losses
Spread of a Movement: More Grass Roots
Centered around wealthy white women’s Associations
National Society of Colonial Dames of America 1891
1713 Powder Magazine, Charleston
Focused on Civic Buildings
Rise of the automobile
Tearing down buildings for gas stations
Art dealers and salvage
Pulling interior paneling out of buildings to sell to other dealers
Also pulling these for installation in museums
First historic district in the country
Daughters of the American Revolution
Susan Pringle Frost (1873-1960)
Involved in early teens and twenties
Took real estate approach to preservation
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