COMM 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: British Association For Immediate Care, Physical Exercise, Tachycardia

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Comm 210
Public Speaking - more than common sense
Some are just common sense
What is Competent Communication?
Friedrich (1994) went on to suggest “a situational ability to set realistic and appropriate
Ability: suggests we can learn
Goals: suggests something achievable
This Suggests
That we have the ability (agency) to reach communicative goals
We must not only know and know how, we must also do and know what we did
Combination of …
“The ability to interact well with others
Spitzberg states “the term ‘well’ …
Definition of Competent Communication
Competent Communication is communication with others that is perceived to be both
effective and appropriate in a given context
Perception and Appropriateness
Avoid “violating social or interpersonal norms, rules, or expectations”
Appropriateness Depends on…
Who, communicates what message, to whom, through what channel, as well as why a
message was sent, and when
Must consider all these aspects in order to understand meanings, implications, and ultimate
Communication Competence
Communication competence (ability) vs. intelligence (fixed state)
Knowledge, Skill, Motivation (goals), Judgement
Communication is not Common Sense
Media Ecology - “The medium is the mEssage”
Interdependency of medium, perception, and message
Appropriateness is not in the words, they are important, but the message is NEVER just the message
Common sense told him to have “passion”
Office hours - M 3-5, by appointment
Communication Apprehension and Listening
Small Section Review
Levels of Communication
Models of Communications
Interpersonal Communication = Dyadic Communication
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