COMM 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Uptodate, Confounding

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COMM 210
Week 9 - Review Day
Chapter 1-7, 11
85 Multiple Choice - 1.5 hours
Monday Oct. 16 - Sunday Oct. 22
Study Guide - Monday Oct, 2
You called for delivery, not carryout.
Talking to us and not at us
Hearing you versus listening to you
Framing and Supporting Your IDeas
Why, Functions, Support, Three central types of support
Supporting material answers the questions your audience has;
Why should I trust you?
Says who?
Why does this matter?
Reading Packet
Cynical vs. Skeptical
“That’s my opinion”
Death of Expertise
Information Overload
Nuanced thinking about message creators and their goals values
Read for next week
Functions of Support
Understand content
Remember speech - emotions
Accept - beliefs, attitudes, values
Enjoyment - sadness, joy, humor, etc.
Using Supporting Materials Effectively
Balance two competing interests: brevity, detail
SET - Statistics, Examples Testimonies
The Power of Numbers
Look at original source
Similar, but not the same
Use in ethical manner
Listeners - be skeptical but not cynical
Use Stats Effectively
Visual Aids
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