COMM 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sheldon Cooper, Stress Management, Communication Source

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COMM 210 - Small Discussion - Copeland
Conscience, credible, clear
Models of Communication
Berlo’s Source-Message-Channel-Receiver Model
Transactional Model
Dance’s Helical Model
Levels of Communication
Intrapersonal - to yourself, inside
Interpersonal - between self and someone else
Group - between group of 2+ people
Public - one person speaking to many
Mass-Mediated - television, media
Berlo (1960)
S: (Sender) Source - comm skills, attitudes, knowledge, social system, culture
M: Message - content, elements, treatment, structure, code
C: Channel - seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting (what message goes through)
R: Receiver - comm skills, attitudes, knowledge, social system, culture
Transactional Model of Communication
Source (Encode) Message through Channel of Communication (Decode) →
Receiver Response Feedback
*Find picture*
Dance’s Helical Model
Continues, never stops, ever-changing
Video Exercise - Sheldon Cooper gives a Speech
S: Sheldon Cooper, M: physics grad students are stupid, C: speaking, R: students
Feedback: nonverbal, body language, facial expressions
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