COMM 210 Lecture 5: (Small) Day Five - 9-14-2017

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COMM 210 - Small Discussion - Copeland
Audience Analysis
Importance of Audience Analysis
Ensures the topic is relevant to your listeners
Each audience is different
Helps speaker address audience expectations and motivations
Helps achieve desired effect
Enhances speaker credibility
Being Audience Centered
Avoid: focusing only on issues important to the speaker, thinking everyone has had the same
Do: focus on audience feedback, respect diversity, take audience attitudes into consideration
Types of Audience Analysis
Demographic: composition of the audience
Psychological: considering the beliefs, attitudes, and values
Environments (situational): size, physical environment, arrangements
Demographic Audience Analysis
Age, sex and gender, geographical location, group affiliation, socioeconomic factors
Limitations: stereotypes audience members, marginalizes audience members, essentializes
audience members
Psychological Audience Analysis
Attitudes: an emotional reaction to an idea / object / person / or behavior, attitudes are the
easiest to change
Beliefs: what and individual considers to be fact / statement about reality (what we consider
to be true or false), our beliefs tend to be more consistent (in order to change a belief, a
listener’s attitude must be changed first)
Values: at the core of the BAV system, these are the hardest to change or influence, this is
because values are tied to an individual’s personal identity
Environmental Audience Analysis
Audience Size
Physical Setting: staging, seating arrangement, indoor/outdoor, physical room characteristics,
Occasion: time of year, purpose of presentation
Time of Day: early morning, after lunch, close to closing
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