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Lecture 17

ENG 285 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Black Sheep

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ENG 285

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3 genres - Rwanda by Stephen Minot
-4 friends
-work in Africa
-francine wants to save all animals in marketplace
-francine is not naive -- worked for peace crops and save the children org.
-many little problems they face together
-unmistakably not in the United States
-Max and Katy are much more poor than Franc. and Frank
they receive much less funding as well
there to tack the migration of antelope
had a hell of a time figuring out tranquilizers and their weight
end up killing one- only thing Franc. cared or asked about
but one can assume that the poor guy died
-Franc. feels unfulfilled without a job to do during the day
has a degree with no work
Katy hardly has one and has a degree
she envies Katy
-Franc. and Katy get food at the market
Katy forgets her wallet
gives us a background that her memory is whay flunked her
everyone around her was always taking care of her
-Katy gets little birds at the market
Franc. is annoyed by this
Max doesn't even seem to mind
-Victoria-house girl makes Franc. uncomfortable because of her beauty
says because of religious purposes she would never flirt with Frank
her tribe is back in control after much bloodshed
-Max wallet = missing
porch key has been gone for forever
Franc. heavily pissed off at Katy for her irresponsibility
Frank start drilling Victoria; who is not offended and seemed to be expecting it
Vic. has to translate from frank to her to thomas and all the way back
thomas is very soft spoken and seems scared
-after all the drilling , max rips through thomas' hut
Franc. calls the police - wallet and key are found
police need to be picked up by Franc. - jeep is down
-police arrive
thomas tries to bolt
police trip and tie him
kick him
-Franc. screams to stop
thomas represents the black sheep
Franc is not a visitor; but now part of this country and its brutality
3rd person --> Francine
present tense
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