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Lecture 25

ENG 285 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Metafiction

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ENG 285

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The Bank Robbery - Steven Schutzman
-the bank robber told his story in little notes to the bank teller
-he held a pistol in one hand and passed her notes
-1: this is a bank holdup . money = time. I need more of it. don't hide hands ill shoot
-teller thought that danger was just like love
-she said she couldnt respond because it was far too abstract
-he thinks money is like love and writes back
1 rule - when you run out of money you suffer
-she lightly touched his hand; grabbing the note
she thinks she understands now
money will not get you what you want
-she thinks, danger you are the gold that wants to spend my life
-robber was becoming sleepy
gun was feeling heavy
-he thought, money - he finds bits of it leading to more of you in greater bits
-he thinks-
you are promising bits of yourself to me but others are coming
they are threatening our treasure together
I cannot pick you up fast enough
you lead me to the great huge quiet you are
money please save me you are desire that wants only itself
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