ENG 425 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cinematic Techniques, Diegesis, Angling

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4 Sep 2016

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Quiz Review:
Camera Position and Movement:
Where the camera is placed, the angle, point of view, when/how it moves, all influence how the
audience perceives characters and action. May also influence opinion of characters and the role of the
viewer. It can make us work to interpret the information on screen, or it can force our eye heavy
Depending on if the camera is positioned from a high angle or low angle can create a sense of power or
helplessness or change the sense of point of view.
Dolly Shot:
A Dolly-In moves the camera towards the subject while a Dolly-Out moves the camera away from the
The camera turns horizontally, to reveal new space.
Point of View-
Racking Focus: Changing focus between foreground and background within a shot to instruct the
viewer’s interpretation
Reaction Shot: A shot showing one or more characters reacting to an action or statement
Reverse Angle Shot: A shot of an object or person taken in the direction opposite that of the preceding
Shot: shots may be Extreme Close Ups (showing a small detail like eyes or lips), Close Up (usually
showing a face or head), Medium Shot (generally includes body from knees up), Wide Shot (usually
shows the whole body and some background)
Tilt Shot: A shot taken by angling a camera up or down
Tracking Shot: a shot that follows the subject
Zoom Shot: Using a special lens to create a shot that changes from wider with more environmental
information to smaller with more specific localized information, or vice versa
Film has the ability to show or not show pieces of the story. The director, designers, and DP will all have
influence on what is in the frame, but it starts with the writer. How you put it on the page informs or
dictates what goes in or not in the frame at different moments of the film.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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