FCFC 202 Lecture 24: Child Abuse and Neglect

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Ball State University
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FCFC 202
Kresha Warnock

Child Abuse and Neglect • Defining Child Maltreatment o Encompasses all aspects of harmful or injurious behaviors toward children ▪ Child abuse involves harmful acts ▪ Child neglect refers to failure to protect children from harm o Types of child maltreatment: ▪ Physical abuse • Any injury that is caused by physical force o Battered Child Syndrome – ▪ physical signs that indicate a pattern of abuse over time o Shaken Baby Syndrome – ▪ a type of traumatic brain injury caused by intentional and violent shaking, hitting, or impacting a child’s head o Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy – ▪ adult induces symptoms to make a child ill ▪ Neglect • Failure to meet the child’s basic needs o Physical Neglect – ▪ deprivation of basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter o Medical Neglect – ▪ failure to provide for the medical and health care needs of the child o Educational Neglect – ▪ failure to provide for the basic educational needs of the child o Emotional Neglect – ▪ failure to act on behalf of the child’s emotional needs ▪ Sexual abuse and exploitation • Engaging an infant or child in any sexual act, including: o Fondling, raping, or exposing a child to sexual activities o Indecent exposure to sexual acts o Showing a child pornographic materials • Exploitation: o actions that take advantage of a child in sexual manner (e.g., coercion to participate in prostitution or pornography) ▪ Emotional abuse • Acts that cause injury to child’s self-worth, emotional, psychological, or mental stability o Includes verbal abuse, threatening, ridiculing, calling names, shaming, withholding love o Making demands that are beyond child’s developmental level o Threat of harm, terrorizing, isolating, rejecting o Selling child for sexual purposes, or deserting or abandoning child • From the Centers of Disease Control CDC o Child abuse and neglect are significant public health problems in the United States. o According to child protective service agencies, about 702,000 children were substantiated victims of child abuse or neglect in 2014. o Self-reported data consistently show that more than 1 in 10 children and youth experienced at least one form of child abuse or neglect in the past year. o More than 1,500 children died in the United States in 2014 from abuse and neglect. o The financial costs for victims and society are substantial. A CDC study showed that the total lifetime estimated financial cost associated with just 1 year of confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect is $124 billion. • Incidence of Child Maltreatment o Neglect
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