HIST 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Movable Type, Community Bulletin Board, Ninety-Five Theses

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Old world: Africa, Asia, Europe, (Known Land)
New World: North and South America
Alfred Cosby- wrote a book, about the exchange of diseases, plants, and animals.
Some of the exchanged crops in INDIANA brought from the Columbian Exchange were soybeans from Asia and corn from
Central America
Dandelions and wheat are from the old world brought into the new world. Some birds were from this
There were no major infectious epidemics in N&S America before the whites came
Smallpox was huge, when new world is exposed to it, many children and adults are killed
Native American population dropped in Mexico from 25 million to 2 million
United States around 5 to 10 million to around 600,000
Syphilis outbreak, a couple of years after 1492
went global very fast
came and spread from sailors
Old doctors could test for diabetes by drinking the pee of the patient
syphilis was originally treated with mercury
caused hair to fall out blah blah
in the beginning it was very deadly and most people would die from it
as time goes on, people were living longer with it and the disease was not as deadly
Horses were native to America.
old world animals: horses, pigs, food etc sheep goats
old world crops: wheat, olives, grapes
guinea pig was domesticated as a source of food
1517 German-speaking world
Reformation can be traced back to the Dutchy of Saxony
University of Wittenberg
-Martin Luther. was not rich or famous, just a member of clergy. taught theology at university
Germany at this time was not a unified nation, it was loosely organized under the Holy Roman Empire
real power rests with the members of nobility
Martin Luther came into conflict with the church in 1517 because of Indulgences = could buy a ticket to heaven
The church taught that if a great sin was committed you have 3 options:
Soul is sent to Purgatory, Penance (7 years of fasting), or Good Works (purchase Indulgences)
John Tetzel riding a hound from hell-
holding Indulgences & Wheat[tithe] seen in artist depiction
a chart of sins and how much you needed to pay for each sin
As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from Purgatory springs
Luther creates the 95 Theses…
nails to Church door, which was like a community bulletin board
was trying to form a disputation- two different sides of a debate
nobody came…yet it makes him famous
3 basic points:
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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