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Lecture 3

PHYC 101 Lecture 3: August 30, 2016

Course Code
PHYC 101

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PHYC 101 Lecture
August 30, 2016
One Dimensional / Linear Motion Continued
Points of Focus:
Acceleration vs. deceleration
Verbal Model – Changing Speed
oAcceleration = changing speed or direction (or both)
speeding up or slowing down
Always go from initial time taken to final time taken to
find the change in velocity.
Positive & Negative Signs
Negative (-) indicates velocity slowing down
Positive (+) indicates velocity increase
oIf object is travelling in a positive direction, it
also indicates an increase in speed
oDeceleration = no change in speed or direction
oIf an object is at constant speed, the velocity is 0
Pictorial Model
ograph like
ouses coordinates that are each assigned 2 numbers (1 for position, 1
for time)
orefer to dots in previous lecture
Numerical Model
odata table with number pairs
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