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Lecture 19

PFW 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Lumbar Vertebrae, Overtraining

Phycl Ed Fit/Wellness
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PFW 100

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CH 8
How back pain develops:
unbalanced use of body
physical dysfunction
rotation = good idea?:
“The primary role of the abdominal muscles is to provide isometric support and limit the
degree of rotation of the trunk.”
“A large percentage of low back problems occur because the abdominal muscles are
not maintaining tight control over the rotation between the pelvis and the spine
“The overall range of lumbar rotation is ~13 degrees.”
“Rotation of the lumbar spine is more dangerous than beneficial and rotation of the
pelvis and lower extremities to one side while the trunk remains stable or is rotated to
the other side is particularly dangerous.”
Russian Twist + Torso Rotation
improving lower back health:
Stretch back muscles and strengthen abdominals.
Improve sitting posture.
Monitor ~16” – 24” from eyes.
Eye level at top of monitor.
Improve standing posture.
Reduce sedentary behavior.
Practice good sleeping posture.
Know proper lifting technique.
Avoid overtraining / unbalanced training.
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