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Lecture 8

PHYS 215 Lecture 8: The Brain Part 2

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Ball State University
PHYS 215
Kelly Worden

1. The Brain Part 2  Limbic system o Amygdala  Role in fear o Hypothalamus  Involuntary responses to emotion  Example o Anticipation of attack o Higher cortex  Appropriate action  Movement of muscle, smiling or laughing at a joke  Reward and punishment o Punishment centers  Unpleasant responses o Reward centers  Associated with motivated behaviors  Eating  Drinking  Sexual activity  Neurotransmitters  Dopamine and norepinephrine  Psychoactive drugs o Cocaine  Blocks dopamine (DA) reuptake o Amphetamine  Reversal of the DA transporter  Prevents uptake of DA into the vesicle  Inhibits DA formation o Tolerance  Decreases in the number of DA receptors  Schizophrenia o Mental disorder  Hallucinations  Inappropriate emotions  Pronounced apathy  Social withdrawal o Excessive DA release  Possibly in the limbic system  Depression o Symptoms  Pervasive negative mood  Generalized lack of interest  Inability to express pleasure o Deficiency  Norepinephrine  Serotonin  Both o Prozac  Serotonin reuptake inhibitor  Memory o Storage of acquired knowledge for later recall o Memory trace  Neuronal change res
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